Welcome To TopTroniX Automation


TopTroniX Automation is an industrial automation business that opened in Darwin in January 2010.
Since starting, we’ve worked on defence sites, aviation fuel sites, utilities sites, mine sites, manufacturing workshops, and more… and the list grows day by day.

So when your PLC doesn’t want to play ball anymore, your SCADA system keeps dropping the bundle, or your control devices are having a tantrum, you need Toptronix Automation Darwin… and beyond PLC and SCADA, we also offer optimisation services to look for inefficiencies in your system & remove them… In English, we look to see where improvements can be made without major capital purchases, so you can make more money, without spending a heap of money to get there.

So don’t delay – contact us today, to see what we can do to help you do what you do, better.

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