RAAF Base Darwin - Fuel Farm 7: Development

Working for Territory Instruments then MacMahon, TopTroniX was engaged to develop the code and SCADA for monitoring and controlling of a new Fuel Farm at RAAF Base Darwin. The farm itself is tasked with providing F34 + FSII fuel on demand, via a pressurised ring-main, to RAAF aircraft.

The original controls contractor wasn’t able to deliver the system on time to suit the project’s constraints, so TopTroniX was brought in towards the end to complete the works in an exceptionally tight time-frame.

Added to this, the code (ladder logic) was being written in a new platform to TopTroniX’s experienced staff, a Kingfisher RTU (CP-12)… and all communications (inter-RTU / RTU – Tank gauging / RTU – SCADA) all had to be performed over RS-232.

The SCADA package was CitectSCADA, which TopTroniX has had extensive experience with. Towards the end of the project, the version of CitectSCADA had to be upgraded to allow for Windows 7 support, which was completed successfully and painlessly to the client.

Exhaustive fully documented testing and commissioning, both on the bench and in the field, has produced a reliable fully functioning Fuel Farm that the RAAF are happy to operate. TopTroniX also provided operator accepted user manuals, with simple step by step instructions on how to operate the farm.

Rumours on this project are that “Fuel Farm 7” is now looked to as a bench-mark for how they want future RAAF fuel farms to operate.