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At the forefront of TopTroniX’s core values is Quality in everything they do.

Not just quality in the solution we provide for your problem, but quality in the equipment we recommend and use, the staff we employ, the tools and equipment we make use of, everything.

Because when you’re working on control systems like we do, you can’t leave things to chance – you want the best, you demand the best, and we deliver the best.


Do you have a section of plant that just keeps breaking down?? Or, on the flip-side of the coin, had someone who said they were coming to help you with your problem, and they never show up? We’ve experienced it first-hand many times, and know how phenomenally frustrating it can be.

Well, we work hard at ensuring that not only what we do works well now and into the foreseeable future, but that we do our best to meet your expectations of us. After all, everyone’s time is valuable, and we know that better than most.


Let’s be blunt about this, business is all about trying to provide the best quality product or service for the least amount of cost… And here at TopTroniX, we’re keen to try and help you achieve that goal with your plant.

Do you have strict time or budget constraints? Well speak to us about it so we can negotiate not only an appropriate price, but resourcing to meet or exceed your requirements.